What Exactly Is The Marine Corps Martial Arts?

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Marine Corps Martial Arts: A Highly Effective Method Of Combat

Regular people can develop into efficient combat soldiers when they join the US Marine Corps. Now, the methods of training of the marines have been crafted into an effective self-defense system referred to as Marine Corps Martial Arts. This self-defense system deals with close quarters combat, thought to be the most vital area of all strategic and self-defense fighting. As the name indicates, close quarters refers to inside punching and clinch range. The reason this range of combat is so important is that it is the range where most fights take place.

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Assault is a confrontational act and any violent opponent would have to get close enough to you to successfully injure you. If you've got knowledge of close quarters fighting tactics, you're going to be better at dealing with such threats. It's something that the Marine Corps knows for a fact and is why it developed a close range fighting system, which is effective in dealing with both armed and unarmed assaults. Previously, individuals in the service were solely trained in this combat system. Nowadays, however, Marine Corps Martial Arts instructors are also training civilians.

While marines have been learning close quarters combat methods for decades, the Marine Corps Martial Arts program was actually first developed in 2002. The standard movements taught in this fighting system are derived from the early Marine Corps history's bladed weapon attacks and World War I and II's bayonet techniques. These traditional strategies were fused with modern self-defense and mixed martial arts combat methods, making the system more appropriate for today.

You will not see any flamboyant or nonsense strategies taught in this close quarters combat system. Rather, it teaches any individual highly effective combat methods as quickly as possible. In fact, the main parts of this combat system takes approximately 70 hours to complete. That isn't a long time to become proficient in a fighting technique given that other fighting styles can take many years to learn.

Something of note is that just like traditional fighting styles, the Marine Corps Martial Arts system makes use of a belt system to rank its practitioners. You'll find people who may be curious about why such a combat tested modern martial art would make use of the belt system. The answer is that this system, as opposed to several reality based martial arts, is one which tries to promote honor, discipline, and respect among the practitioners. Along with signifying knowledge and proficiency, belt systems are a great method of helping to foster these sentiments. Though there are folks who'd challenge the value of this traditional mindset, the fact of the matter is, if a combat system is only rooted in the physical methods, the other benefits of the system are lost. The value of such a traditional state of mind may be scoffed at by some people, but in reality, many of the benefits of this martial arts would be lost if it's only rooted in the physical methods.

The Marine Corps Martial Arts system is surely a unique fighting system. If you are looking for a highly effective combat system, you'd do well exploring what this system is offering.

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